In accordance with market requirements, we offer the highest quality physical and technical protection services. In addition to the aforementioned offer, we also have VIP Transport passengers with our own high-class vehicles.


Physical protection services are provided on the principle 24/7/365 with highly qualified and trained staff.

Physical protection of all types of facilities

Protect your facilities with the help of our professional staff and leave all the security concerns to us.

Physical protection of persons in motion

We offer a safe escort of people on the move with top-of-the-range vehicles and the highest quality of accompanying equipment.

Physical protection by intervention

24-hour interventions at all locations.

Securing all major gatherings / events

Whether it’s a smaller gathering or a big concert, we have a ready and efficient system of protection.


We offer the installation of systems that greatly contribute to more efficient protection of your facilities.

Video surveillance system

Video surveillance systems with independent power supply and access from a remote location.

Anti-theft system

We offer a full spectrum of anti-theft alarms, sensors and security doors.

Fire alarm system

In the event of a fire, every second is important. For this reason we have the most up-to-date system directly connected to our center.

Fire fighting system

If there is a fire, our systems automatically activate and minimize possible damage.

Access control

Control of access to certain premises and systems for employee registration or control of working hours.

Money transport

Ensuring the transport of valuables and money in special vehicles with armed escorts.

GPS tracking

Vehicle tracking in Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad.


First in our market we offer the VIP transport service with our own high-class vehicles with the safest escort. This service is the right choice if you want your guests and business partners to enjoy the time spent with you.